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What is CBRE Meeting Room of the Year?

People have liked associating since the beginning of time. People ate, planned battles, solved various issues and met in public areas. Cave paintings and decorating royal palaces testify to the fact that people adorned and created these common and social spaces together to make them feel better, which also applies to the work environments of today, as is reflected in the culture of each company and the people who work in them, who spend a large amount of time there.

Unfortunately, we cannot go back to ancient times. Today's common areas also offer many features and details that are worth discovering, admiring and appreciating, which is how the CBRE Meeting Room of the Year competition arose. This competition strives to introduce the public to general corporate spaces, not just meeting rooms, with some boasting of their „best”.

Petra Lávičková, event organizer

"I'm excited about how many people and companies have become engaged by the Meeting Room of the Year competition and care about how we spend our time at work. We all have one thing in common – to tailor the spaces we work in to meet our needs. I’d like to thank the competitors, the partners of the competition, our colleagues, CBRE and everyone who shares the Meeting Room of the Year and corresponds with us. "

Simona Kalvoda, Executive Director of the Czech Green Building Council

"From the first year of the Healthy Office category, it is evident that companies are beginning to realize the importance of quality and healthy spaces to work in. The people who work in offices have come back into the forefront. We see this as a very important step, as a healthy and inspiring environment can motivate their current and potential employees."

Marie Passburg, General Manager of Skanska Property Czech Republic

"The office for future challenges has to satisfy the needs of the future – it’s equipped with innovative technologies and provides sustainable solutions for coming challenges, while inspiring employees and maintaining their enthusiasm and productivity in the long term.

Eva Jiřičná, Chairperson of the CBRE Meeting Room of the Year Jury

"The spaces of winning companies generally have a common characteristic - they are designed to satisfy the people who use them. They are a place where people work individually or collectively and meet, where they have the option of communicating together in a relaxed environment. Their spaces are suitable for creative work and are also an integral part of the office. I’m glad that this approach is also appearing in Czech companies."

Petr Šimůnek, Editor-in Chief of Forbes ČR

"The competition has become an inspiration to many companies that haven’t thought out their concept of office space. We believe it makes sense and I am glad that Forbes can be involved."

Why apply?

People have always considered similar questions when it comes to any future decisions. Each of us has dealt with a number of questions such as why we should apply to a secondary school or university, why bother signing up for a competition, or how it will look when you do not win the race. There are a number of reasons and things to consider when taking each decision, with a series of confirmations that we made the right decision ensuing. The situation is similar in the case of participating in the CBRE Meeting Room of the Year competition. However, there is growing evidence to make the correct decisions by registering, as has been confirmed by each participant over the years. Participation in the competition is completely free and will bring a huge dose of inspiration, a chance to meet with experts in their field, to be featured in the media and the excellent opportunity to be entered into the modern history of the working environment.

What does CBRE Meeting Room of the Year bring?

  • Media Attention

    Do you want to bask in the limelight of media attention at least for a moment? CBRE’s Meeting Room of the Year competition is closely followed by the media and participation gives you the chance to appear on the websites of Hospodářské noviny and Forbes Magazine or be seen on the most watched Czech TV stations.

  • Professional Patronage

    CBRE is the world leader in commercial real estate services. Not only is CBRE itself composed of experts and personalities in the fields of architecture, design, real estate, marketing and more, but the same applies for the jury.

  • Positive Image

    Like the beautifully decorated Château banquet halls that inspire the admiration and respect, your corporate spaces may have the power to attract the attention of both professionals and future employees. This is because people are interested in spending time in offices where they feel comfortable.

  • Selected Companies

    People have always craved recognition and the need "to belong". CBRE Meeting Room of the Year is a community of interesting, unique and knowledgeable people, ­­and you can join them too.

Which category should you apply to?

People throughout history have exceled in different areas. Someone has a great mind and their invention can change the world. Someone is a fast runner and sets the record that stands for decades. Someone has creative talent and their paintings and books are admired for centuries.

This can also be seen in corporate spaces, where each of them has had the own "something". Are those your full of creative and innovative solutions? Are there modern technological or environmental elements? Or does ingenuity and ergonomic solutions prevail in the space? Does it highlight your employees’ true home environment? Then come and share it with us.

And if you want to know more, immerse yourselves in our photo book, which summarizes the stories of our past contestants, and let yourself be carried away by imagining that next time you will be on these pages…

I want to get inspired

Categories Evaluated by the Professional Jury

Meeting Room of the Year

Like the most expansive cave or the grandest room in the Château, the conference room is the heart of corporate space. And as the heart is the main driver of our bodies, the conference room is also the place from which the life of your company derives. Important meetings are held there, addressing strategic plans and negotiating key agreements. It is a magical place that breathes its atmosphere to each visitor, so show off what magic yours has.

The Office as the DNA of the Company

Proper corporate spaces breathe. They live. They have a soul. Their charisma is inextricably linked with the company itself. As every king proclaimed their existence in their palaces, a number of companies also express their businesses directly into their company premises. Come and show us how the fundamental workings of your companies are projected directly into your premises.

The Most Attractive Working Environment

Common and social spaces rarely emerged to have their creator spend time alone. People always like to boast about their creations and luxuries. And they are even happier when their visitors simply feel good for a while. Even you do not want to be in your office alone. You are surrounded by business associates and especially your employees, whom this category is especially for, and if they feel satisfied and happy in your space, then you just found the category to register for.

Categories Covered by Professional Guarantors

A Healthy Office
Professional Guarantor CZGBC

Are your offices constructive places to work? Do you have lots of natural light, quality fresh air and suitable acoustic conditions? Is it unnecessary to fight with the air conditioning throughout the day and deal with small work spaces? Is your employer committed to your health and support your sporting activities? If your office is a pleasant place for dealing with your daily workload, then sign up in this category.

Future-proof and Innovative Offices
Professional Guarantor Skanska

In today’s world, it is necessary to be well-prepared for the future, as offices that are ready for the future will be able to meet emerging needs. Is your office equipped with innovative technologies that provide sustainable solutions for future requirements? Does it inspire employees to stay involved long-term in events and maintain their enthusiasm and productivity? Register your business into this category!

Smart Office
Professional Guarantor Microsoft

Our age is full of modern technologies that accelerate communication and promote labour flexibility and innovating overall possibilities for cooperation. It is important to have a set strategy for internal training and skills development so employees actively use communication technologies and enjoy using them. Are modern technologies an opportunity to innovate advanced technological cooperation, strengthen teamwork and creativity to be closer to their customers? If you inspire others by your use of technology in your office, this category is right one for you.



Do your offices fulfill more criteria? You can apply to multiple categories.


Competition timetable

registration to the 3rd year of the competition opens - May 17, 2016

registration ends - October 31, 2016

announcement of the finalists - December 2016

personal visits of the finalists - January 2017

award ceremony - February 2017


Like every tribe in ancient times that had its council of elders, or where fundamental issues were decided by senators in ancient Rome, our judges are also the highest-qualified people with huge experience in architecture, design, and marketing, people whose lives are interwoven by inspiration and innovation, people with whom it is worth meeting.

Eva Jiřičná
Marie Passburg
Biljana Weber
Richard Curran
Tomáš Jindříšek
Pavel Maurer
Josef Němec


General partners

Main partners


Media partners


From time immemorial, competition has reigned among people. When one hunted a one ton mammoth, the other went and hunted a two ton one. When one built a hundred-meter tower, the other built a two hundred-meter one. When one jumped over the two-metre bar, the other jumped over a three-meter one. In short, people compete. As it happens, only one can win. But it is also true that it is not important to win but to participate, and CBRE Meeting Room of the Year always brings something to everyone who participates.

Look through the former contestants and try to outdo them.



PAPER HUB: honeycomb furniture and 3D-printed accessories as the essence of success

How to beat eighty companies and win the heart of the public? In the coworking centre Paper Hub they knew the best. They received the Public Award only a year after their founding. Relatively uncommon way of work, where a single office is shared by different people with different work obligations is complemented by the very untraditional interior of the centre. It’s a place where freelancers, students or employees of small companies and start-ups meet. The interior is accommodated with honeycomb furniture and 3D-printed accessories. „We perceive it as a fantastic acknowledgement that what we do makes a good sense. We are happy that we can address the general public, not only hackers, coffee and coworking lovers who are our target audience,“ says the director of PAPER HUB Iva Dubská.


Colourful, playful and functional – meet the office spaces in JetBrains

Code is their passion. That is the way the employees of JetBrains can be easily described. Apart from developing software on a daily basis, they are also breaking stereotypes about programmers. They do not think only in the borders of binary system, but also are able to let their imagination and creativity run free. The office spaces they are working in, won a prize in the category Most Attractive Working Environment. And what is more important – they were contributing to this great success! „Meeting rooms have been designed according to their needs. More subtle working environment, playful common spaces, but also the request for table tennis or football. All of these impulses were coming from our employees,“ describes the HR director of the company Monika Koumarová. As a result, Jet Brains office spaces are colourful, playful and last but not least – are fulfilling the demand of people which are working in them - to be practical and functional.


Ogilvy & Mather: atrium, which is pulsating with agency’s life

Czech saying „blacksmith's horse goes barefoot“ was proved wrong by agency Ogilvy & Mather. Creativity is sparkling not only from contracts, which they are preparing for their clients, but also from their firm atrium, which dominates the Prague headquarters. The authors the atrium are the firm's designers led by Daniel Kupr and Marek Linhart. Pleasant environment is complemented by furniture made from pallets and cedar wood, which is nicely combined with second-hand furniture. Employees also enjoy a special hanging swing. “Atrium is the heart of agency’s life,” sums up PR manager of Ogilvy & Mather Lucie Pavlů. See the interview and explore, what else she reveals.


Healthy offices pay off in the company LIKO-S

Imagine a building with roof covered by wetland plants. Apart from fitting very well with the landscape and looking great, roots of the mentioned plants have another function: filtering waste water, which is then used for flushing toilets. Acoustic comfort of the employees is achieved thanks to sound-isolating panels made from recycled PET bottles. And what is so good about this? This is not a scene from future, and you don’t even have to imagine it. You just have to visit Slavkov u Brna where the headquarters of LIKO-S is situated. „It makes sense to make healthy offices. And you know what the advantage is? We can’t really send the employees home,“ relishes the chairman of the board of LIKO-S Libor Musil.


Smart office will appreciate employers who use the potential of modern technologies

Modern technologies make communication faster, support flexibility and innovate the possibilities of cooperation. To put this to use in companies, it is necessary for the employers to have well established strategies of education and skill development so that employees may use these technologies actively. Unfortunately, many companies lack in this. And that is why a new category called Smart office was created and is being supervised by Microsoft. Employers who are progressive in the use of modern technologies will be appreciated in this category. However, this is by far not the only novelty in this year's volume. What other innovations are included in the third year of CBRE Meeting Room of the Year?


Modern meeting rooms no longer consist of only table and chairs. They are ruled by innovation

Not so many years ago companies had meeting rooms filled just with obligatory long table and chairs around it. Not anymore. Conference spaces of modern companies boast with interactive whiteboards, video conferencing tools that accelerate work and furniture which matches the needs of employees. However to support innovation, inspiration and collaboration, meeting rooms have to be properly designed. „It all starts with designers understanding employee needs and working habits. It is paramount,“ says Sofia Fonseca, a vice president at HOK in charge of the architecture firm’s workplace strategy pre-design solutions. CBRE Meeting room of the year gets international recognition! Read the article from Blueprint according to which the Czech competition has potential to inspire others all over the world.


Third year of CBRE Meeting Room of the Year is starting

CBRE Meeting Room of the Year is starting the competition's third year and lot of innovations will take place. There is lot to surpass yet, because the previous years set the standard high as more than 150 competitors attended and 56 finalists were chosen by the jury. The third year of the competition will focus mainly on employees for they are the spirit of every company. We want to find out how they feel about the environment they work in. A brand new category called Smart office supervised by Microsoft will enrich this year's contest. The icing on the cake are for sure the new web pages of the competition. Thanks to them and the Facebook page you will get a constant stream of inspiration and will not miss any other news in office trends or the progress of the event.


How to make employees happy and productive - you will find out 18th of May in Prague

Health of office workers is affected by many factors including quality of air, workspace ergonomy, quiet atmosphere, light quality, but also presence of flora in or outside the building. As shown in a study by World Green Building Council, the quality of working space has considerable effect on health, well-being and productivity of their occupants. If you are interested in improving the performance of your employees and make them look forward to get in their offices, you should not miss an event being held on Wednesday 18th of May starting at 18:00 in Prague. We will give you advice to build a "healthy office" and you will also find out about recent trends dominating the office market. Do you need inspiration and want to modify your company space according to advice of professionals? Or are you just interested in the newest office trends? Write an e-mail to petra@zasedackaroku.cz and book your place.


First two years of the competition CBRE Meeting Room of the Year: more than 150 companies and 56 finalists

CBRE Meeting Room of the Year is heading to its 3nd year. For the past two year of its existence the competition attracted over 150 companies and the jury had really hard decisions to make. The winners of the two previous years were selected from more than 50 finalists. And that is not all! Every year of CBRE Meeting Room of the Year is in some way unique and the next one won´t be an exception. What is his opinion n the 2nd year of the event and what are the plans for this year is revealed by the founder of the company Dark Side and also a jury member Tomáš Jindříšek.


Vodafone headquarters, Prague: offices fitted to suit the employees

How to accomplish it that employees would perceive their offices as their second homes? In Vodafone they asked themselves this question already a year before the moving of their headquarters to Prague’s Stodůlky and it seems that they found the answer. Individual employees contributed in the designing of their future workplaces. They for example, they chose the colour of the walls in their offices. “It’s an organism living with us,” as described by the head of the corporate communication of Vodafone Adriana Dergam a year after the moving. Check out the interview in which Dergam lets us know about Vodafone’s recipe for pleasant workplace and satisfied employees.


Eva Jiřičná: The Competition CBRE Meeting Room of the Year Showed the Variety in a Working Environment

„People spend more than third of their lives in the office. It is vital that they work in a healthy, stimulating and inspirational environment where they have the possibility to be in contact with others. It is very important that people have the opportunity to communicate. All problems can be solved much more easily if they interact in a stimulating environment,“ thinks chairwoman of the jury Eva Jiřičná. What else the project brought to this world famous architect and what it can bring to companies that participate in it? These and other questions were answered by Eva Jiřičná in an interview with the CBRE marketing director Petra Lávičková.


Yearbook CBRE Meeting Room of the Year 2015. Don’t Miss It!

Unfortunately there is no teleport we could use to take you to the best and the most beautiful offices in the Czech Republic. But we do have something better – Yearbook CBRE Meeting Room of the Year 2015. Thanks to this book you can take a look at the company interiors of the winners of all the six categories of this competition while enjoying the comforts of your sofa. You may also be intrigued by photos and information about the offices of the other 27 finalists. Read the interviews with the jurors and you can find out for example how the chairwoman of the jury Eva Jiřičná evaluates offices of various parts of the world. Last but not least the partners of the event will reveal their insight on how the ideal workplace should look like. The CEO of Microsoft Biljana Weber will let us know how they design their offices and which approach of leading the employees worked the best for her. You can find other texts in the book as well, which may inspire you in designing your own offices. In case you are interested in this book you can order it via e-mail address petra@zasedackaroku.cz.


A Look Back at the Most Interesting Moments of Award ceremony of CRBE Meeting Room of the Year 2015

„I would like to begin by saying that architects have the worst offices...“ joked the world-famous architect Eva Jiřičná during this year’s winner awards of CRBE Meeting Room of the Year and she made the whole audience laugh. Following minutes of the evening passed in similarly pleasant atmosphere. Representatives of all the six winning companies (J & T BANK, Ogilvy & Mather, JetBrains, LIKO-S, Etnetera Group a Paper Hub) collected their prizes. How did the ceremony look like? Let’s take a look at it in this short video.


CBRE Meeting Room of the Year 2015 Winners have been announced

CBRE Meeting Room of the Year competition knows its winners in all categories, which were announced at a presentation ceremony at Microsoft’s new office premises. J & T Banka won the Meeting Room of the Year category; Ogilvy & Mather took the top prize in the Office as the DNA of the Company category; JetBrains won the Most Attractive Working Environment, and LIKO-S prevailed in the Healthy Office category, while Etnetera Group took Future-proof and Innovative Offices and the Public Award was awarded to Paper Hub. The competition attracted over 80 companies from which the professional jury selected 33 finalists. The chairperson of the jury was the renowned architect, Eva Jiřičná. More


The workspace creativity helps the work quality

Time, when the companies focused only on its profit and cost optimization are slowly declining. To retain quality employees is the number one for the companies, which makes its modern office trends. And it is no coincidence that the leaders of this trend are mainly companies where people have to communicate and be creative.


CBRE Meeting Room of the Year prizes are here

Dazzling prizes are awaiting the CBRE Meeting Room of the Year winners. The flawless pieces were designed by Lukáš Jabůrek, art director, and were made by Moser Studio.


CBRE Meeting Room of the Year: 8 designer company kitchenettes

Make your morning or afternoon coffee, warm up your home-made lunch in the microwave or sit with colleagues for a chat – company kitchens are a popular place where one does not only feast on food, but also the latest gossip. These are eight interesting kitchenettes from companies that have entered CBRE Meeting Room of the Year competition.


A workplace does not only have to be a table and chairs. The trend is café seating and benches for teamwork

When fitting out offices, companies are increasingly opting for workplaces that are designated by activity. These consist of a combination of different types of working spaces, from classic tables to rooms for work that takes concentration to café seating, allowing employees to choose the work space that offers them the best conditions for the task at hand.


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